Many are lucky, many do go to a respectable high school and graduate ready to go to a 4 year institution where they get the opportunity to receive an MBA.  They are equipped to succeed at twenty-five with nothing to lose but a few years.  That is ideal and if only everyone had that experience, the playing field would be level. We do not live in an ideal world, though, and that is why we feel so passionate about The Movement.  We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live out their dream, or at the very least, try to.  But how?  How can that kid from inner city Chicago with no parents and an older sister addicted to prescription drugs; or that mother of 4 in New Zealand who ran away with her childhood sweetheart just to have him run out on her last year ever get the chance to launch what they know may change their lives and that of others forever?


“What if the solution to poverty or climate change is out there right now walking the halls of Harvard or picking up today’s rubbish from your yard?”


At The Movement, we gather the intellectual horsepower of already highly successful business owners from around the globe.  Men and women who are running multi-million dollar enterprises and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with the world.



Enter The Movement.  We find a location in a remote part the world and invite entrepreneurs from all walks of life to present their idea. While there, each region collaborates on each business plan and collaborate to refine it.  Ultimately, every region competes for the opportunity to get an investment from one of the venture capitalist on the panel of the final round. From the inner cities of the world to prestigious ivy-league institutions, we create a world where everyone is equal and each has the rare opportunity to fulfill their dreams.  At the the very least, everyone leaves with what has been described by many as the equivalent of an MBA and a plan for their business that catapults them 4 years into the future.