Having long tentacles in the history of LaVoie Films, Esra Kaygin joins us again, but this time in England. See, back in 2012 she was a candidate on Top Recruiter. She arrived in the US to shoot right before the Anti-war protests in Istanbul began. She arrived 24 hours after her scheduled time because she was held back in Turkey and Paris for questioning. She had no luggage and her syrian friend was back at her house afraid for her life but her strength and shear grit got her through the competition. Together, we watched in horror as the live-streaming came through from her hometown. Even then, on set, everyone banded together and it was then that the EQ factor was breathed into our events. Needless-to-say by the time she got home, she had 12 homes across the US to find refuge in. We all worried and kept tabs on her through the next several months as the protest escalated. Since then, she has taken some serious strides in her professional life. She has received many awards including most successful investor 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey and Most Successful Business Women of the Year in Amsterdam, Holland. Meet our girl, Esra