From Miami to France and England, LaVoie Films has traveled the globe to set the scene for networking, collaboration, film and competition. The characters, none actors, have crossed oceans to be a part of something much bigger than them. During the week, they dine under the shelter of ancient trees in the sun kissed valleys of France or collaborate with fellow humans from distant lands in the armoured parlors in the English countryside. They might even converse and exchange notes with Royalty who have earned their place through hard work and true determination. You couldn’t be surprised if you caught them filming a scene on the newly lain astroturf of an NFL stadium somewhere. All that is great, but the best part is the people and the exhilaration one can only receive through self reflection and discovery. Executives and entrepreneurs from each corner of the world gather for a week to exchange perspective and culture. The combination of EQ and IQ involved in each series is simply enlightening. And all of it is captured through the eye of the visionary himself, our EP Chris LaVoie. This fragment of time creates an exquisite and unforgettable experience that lives inside each of us forever more.