This was designed for all entrepreneurs – who want to improve their business model.

Change makers and leaders from across the globe… representing the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia Pacific each leading an extraordinary team. A team comprised of elite executive mentors which will lead three very distinctive entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs with unique backgrounds and passions and one very deeply entrenched common trait… a desire to build their empire.

This is not for the timid. No room to play small here.

These trailblazing dream chasers stemming from the inner-city streets to ivy league hallways and somewhere in-between will have a shot at receiving a potential investment of $250,000 and an experience unlike any other. Only one will remain at the finish line.

This isn’t about business as usual – too easy. This is about legacies… about changing the course and causing a ripple effect. Not only building an empire but being part of transforming and shaping the world around it. This is about bringing everything you’ve got, laying it all on the line, growing and rising in triumph.

Welcome to The Movement.